Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Time

I simply love Christmas time. Everyone puts up their Christmas tree, put lights around their houses, go Christmas shopping, and all those other things.

We don't put Christmas lights around our house, but we have a big Christmas that we decorate with lights, tinsel, and lots of different decorations. Everyone loves it when we put up our Christmas tree.

Every year a few nights before Christmas we all go for a drive after dinner and look at all the Christmas lights. 

On Christmas eve, we go to our church for the Christmas eve service, where Grace, Elise and I play Christmas carols for the church. When we get home and get ready for bed, we make jokes I make jokes with my two brothers that in the middle of the night we'll get up and open our presents to see what we've got, then rap them up again as if we never even touched them.
On Christmas morning, all our brothers and sisters ( apart from Elise) get up really early to look at all the presents under the Christmas tree, though we try really hard not to look at the tags, otherwise depending on who it's for, we try and guess what it is.
Then finally once our mum, dad and Elise a out of bed, we open all the presents. Then we have bacon and eggs for breakfast. For the rest of the day we enjoy our presents or go down to our grand parents house and spend the day there.
So that is what we do at Christmas time.