Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some Jokes

This is a funny joke I was told a while ago.

Ok...... Three men were set a challenge to go to the desert for three months. There was a German, an Italian, and an Aussie. However, they were only aloud to take ONE thing with them.

The German said "I'm going to take water, lots and lots of water".
Then the Italian said "I'm going to take ice, lots and lots of ice".
Then they both asked the Aussie what he was going to take. The Aussie said "I'm going to take a car door", "What on earth for??"
asked both the German and Italian, "Why when it gets hot I'll just wind down the window!!!"

HAHAH. Here are a few more.

"Doctor Doctor, everyone says I'm a liar"
"I don't believe it!"

"Doctor Doctor, I feel like there is two of me!"
"One at a time please"

"Doctor Doctor, I think I need glasses"
" You sure do sir, this is a fish and chips shop!"

"Doctor Doctor, everyone keeps ignoring me"
"Next please"

Why do doctors always wear masks for operations??
So that if they make mistake the patient doesn't know who did it.

Why did the doctor creep past the medicine room??
Because he didn't wan to wake the sleeping pills.

Well thats all for now. I hope you liked them.


Hi everyone. I'm so sorry for not posting in ages. It's hard having a twin sister who has a blog and always posts about something that I was going to post about. (Not saying it's her fault).

I'll try to post at least once a week.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday Photo Winner

The winner of this weeks Wednesday photo is.........


Well done Grace. You are next weeks judge.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wednesday Photo!

Today is the Wednesday photo.

1.Take a photo of something really cool, random, unique, interesting, etc..........

2.No copying other peoples photo.

3.Title your post "Wednesday Photo".

4.Be creative.

5.You have to have your photo on your blog by the end of the day if you want to enter.

6. The winner of this week gets to judge next weeks "Wednesday Photo".
Please tell me if you have entered, and anyone can enter.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wednesday Photo

This week CB is the judge for the Wednesday photo. So if your new to this have a look at his blog to learn the rules.

Ok, the is my photo.
I actually took this photo a few minutes ago. If you click on the photo it should give you a better look.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wednesday Photo

This is my Wednesday Photo.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My New Signature!

Hi Everyone. Sorry I haven't posted for a while.

I just want to thank Rose for making me this Signature (Thanks heaps Rose)!

What do you think guys?? I LOVE it!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday's Photo!

Today is Wednesday photo!!

Anyone can do this. Here are the rules.

1.Take a photo of something really cool, random, unique, interesting, etc..........

2.No copying other peoples photo.

3.Title your post "Wednesday Photo".

4.Be creative.

5.You have to have your photo on your blog by the end of the day if you want to enter.

6. The winner of this week gets to judge next weeks "Wednesday Photo".

Here is my photo!!

Yesterday I was cutting open a pawpaw when I saw the star in it, so I just thought it would make an interesting photo.

This week CB is judge, so if you would like to try it, leave a comment on his blog.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Whats happening with my sport.

I thought I would do a post just letting you know whats happening in my sport.

Well tomorrow Grace and I play our second last game of hockey. (If you didn't understand that, our next game is our last.
Our hockey season hasn't been the best, but it's been a lot of fun.

That's a photo of Brent Livermore. He plays for Australia, and he comes from where I live.

On Sunday, Grace and I have another cricket trial. We're hoping to get into a girls U/14s rep side, which will be representing our area in a comp they call the "Country Championship". If we get in and do well at that, we will then go on to play "The City". I think that's how it will run, I'm sure.

The local cricket season starts in about a month. I'm playing U/14s. They will be mixed teams. (Boys and Girls).
I might even be playing U/12s, because my little brother wants to play cricket, though he doesn't want to play by himself.

Last but not least, we start sailing again!!! Last year we started sailing, but it was a very short season for us because we went on holidays. Sailing is on Saturday afternoons. I'm really looking forward to learning how to sail.

This is the type of boat I'll be sailing.

Now you know what iI'm up to in my sport.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Photo Winner

The winner of this weeks Wednesday photo, and the judge for next week is................


This is his photo.
And a big thanks to everyone who entered.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today Is Wednesday Photo

Today is wednesday photo day!!

Anyone can do this.
The rules are easy.

1.You have to take a random photo of something really cool, interesting, random, or unique.

2.No copying other peoples photo.

3.Title your post "Wednesday Photo".

4. Be creative.

5.If you want to enter, you have to have the post done by the end of the day.

6. The winner gets to judge next weeks "Wednesday photo".

Ok, you know the rules.

When you've done yours, please leave a comment to let me know.

Good luck!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wednesday Photo

Just A quick reminder that tomorrow is the Wednesday photo day.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Won!!

I won Annie's Wednesday photo. Annie and I have decided that who ever wins is the judge for the next week.
So I'm next weeks judge.

I'll do a reminder post just to remind you about the contest on Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Just a quick reminder, no one has entered this weeks caption contest.

Fantasy Tag

Thanks Vellvin.
I don't there are an rules to this, so I guess I'll get started.
1. What is your fantasy name?
Don' have one

2. What would your fantasy novel be about?
Don't know

3. If you could have one mystical creature as a pet, what would it be?

4. Do you believe dragons are good or evil?

5. Knights and castles or Elves and goblins?
Knights and Castles.
Knights and castles

6. What is your favorite myth, and what is the origin?

7. Would you read Alyson's Asteria stories if they were on her blog again?
I don't know her blog

8. Did you read them when they were on her blog?

BONUS QUESTION (has nothing to do with fantasy)
9. Are you a Switchfoot fan?
No, but my big sister is nuts over them.

I tag:


I would tag other people, though they have already been tagged.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Potato's!!

Today I dug up three of my potato's. I planted about five potato's a few months ago, just hoping I might get a few potato's from the plants. Well today I got a big surprise when Grace spotted a potato peeping out of the soil.
My Mum said it would be ok if I dug it up. Well this is what I got (theres a picture of the plants too).

I was so surprised when I saw heaps more potato's as I was digging up the other three.

One reason why I like growing potato's (this would be my fourth season when I've tried to grow potato's) is all you have to do is put the potato's in a dark place, forget about them, rediscover them (by now they should have roots growing out of them), plant the potato's and watch them grow, I mean you don't need to do anything at all really.

You guys should give it a go. You might be surprised :).


Magellan was a portuguese sailor who wanted to go to India. He new of another sailor who had sailed around Africa and up to India, but it took him a year to do so. Magellan thought he could get to India a lot faster if he went west, hoping to find a river and cut through America (Which Christopher Columbus discovered on his attempt to go to India in 1492).

It took Magellan 18 months to get ready for this monster of a voyage. Magellan left from Spain on the 20th on September 1519. He took five ships and two hundred and eighty men with him.

The first few days of the voyage were peaceful and quiet. But when Magellan was arriving at his first destination, Tenerife, he got word that three of his captain’s were plotting to kill him. Magellan knew who the captains were and had an idea on when he thought the would attack him.

He called a meeting to talk about the next stage of the voyage, and sure enough the captains tried to start an argument. But Magellan stayed cool and agreed to every thing they said. He was quite humiliated, but he was still alive.

For a while the captains still tried to provoke Magellan. However one time one captain went too far and asked for mutiny (to start a rebellion against the boss). This was the opportunity Magellan had been waiting for. He arrested the captain, and had put in chains behind bars. Seeing what Magellan had done, the other two captains dismissed the plot.

Magellan reached the Americas and sailed down the coast looking for a river which cut through the land to the other side. However, each river he found and sailed into led to a dead end.

When Magellan was down to the very southern tip of South America he found a river which cut through the land and to the other side. However while he was in the river it was very stormy and the water was very choppy and rough. In fact, the water was so rough Magellan’s row boats had to pull the ship along the river. It took Magellan a whole three months to sail down this river. Today we call this river the “Straits of Magellan”.

When Magellan reached the end of the river, the Ocean was so calm and peaceful that Magellan named it the “Pacific Ocean” (this means calm).pastedGraphic.pdfBy this time Magellan’s sailors were over and done with the voyage and begged Magellan to let them turn the ship around and go home, but Magellan refused. He was sure that India was close by, but it wasn’t.

He and his sailors kept sailing for another three months. They ran out of food and became so hungry that they were eating sawdust!! They almost ran out of water. Then at long last they sighted land!

While his men were busy loading up with fresh food and water, Magellan realized that he had not reached India, he was in fact on a group of islands not far off China!! (Today we call these islands the Marianas.)

He and his men boarded their ships and sailed on. A few days later they sighted another group of islands. Magellan thought for sure this was India. But it wasn’t, he had reached the Philippines!

By this time Magellan was wondering if he would ever reach India. Well I’ll tell you now he never did. While gathering food and water in the Philippines, he agreed to help a village chief fight with another tribe. He and his men were out numbered and had to retreat to their boats. Well Magellan was killed during the retreat.

Magellan’s lieutenant continued on the journey. Out of the 5 ships and 280 men Magellan started out with, his lieutenant reached India with one ship and thirty-five men.

After reaching India the lieutenant continued on going west and went back up to Africa and finally reached Portugal.

All up, the voyage took three years.

Even though Magellan died before reaching India, his ship was the very first ship to have ever sailed around the world.

By Naomi McDonald 10-8-10

Info from The Story Of The World by Susan Wise Bauer, and Fredinand Magellan by Struan Reid.

Wednesday's Photo!

Well thats my picture. I took it a little while back when this little guy was climbing up the railing on our stairs. I just thought it shows a bit of detail you don't always see.

You can click the picture to get a closer view.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A giveaway!!

For you girls out their if you want to try and win a bag or a pretty necklace check out:


Good luck!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


This is a tag Grace made up.

The rules are simple all you have to do is...

1. List 10 or more facts about your selves.

2. Make this tag open to anyone.

Ok lets go.

1.I have blonde hair

2.I can play bass, acoustic and a bit of electric guitar

3.I can sing ok

4.I'm good at sport

5.I'm home schooled

6.I love the beach

7.I'm very short for my age

8.I love dogs

9.I hate to wear girly clothes( dresses, skirts).

10.I love to swim

As I said earlier any one can do this.

Caption Contest Winner


Oh No what can I say to Gibson, he is there. He'll be wondering where I was.

You can put this on your blog if you want.

Now for this weeks picture.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Caption contest!!

Here is this weeks picture.

Have fun!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Winner Is.....


Congrats Grace.

Miss Potter "Errrrrrrrrr..... Thats a little odd, I don't remember Peter Rabbit have a girl friend!?!?!"

Mr Warne "How very strange!"

Please put this on your blog.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Caption contest!!

I've decided, to try and get me to post more often, I'll hold a caption contest every Monday and announce the winner at the end of the week.

Lets go.
As you can see I am only going to do one picture to make it easy.
Have Fun!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Thanks Grace.

Ok lets go.

1.Would you rather swim at a beach or in a pool?

2.What colour is your hair?

3.What is your favourite book?
The Lost Baron.

4.Have you flown in a plane before?

5.What is your favourite colour?

6.Adventure or Romance?

7.Laptop or a desk computer?

8.What is your talent?
Sport, guitar, and singing

9.What colour are your eyes?

10.What do you love doing most?
Playing hockey, cricket, and soccer.

Ok, now for my Qs

1.Do you have to wear glasses?

2.Joggers or thongs?

3.Cats or dogs?

4.Would you have watermelon or mangos?

5.Do you play a sport?

6. Do you lik to cook?

7. Cricket, soccer or footy?

8.Would you rather read a comic or chapter book?

9. Long or short hair?

10,Typing or writing?

I tag




There, finished.


Hi guys.

So sorry I haven't done a post in ages.

I'll try to post more often.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Voyage of the dawn treader trailer.

The Voyage of the dawn treader trailer is out!!

Click here to see it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Grace and I are playing hockey again this year. Our team is on the bottom of the ladder though :(.

Hockey is a great sport because it a fast game, it keeps you fit, and you can very easily enjoy playing it.

Grace and I have missed a few games dew to rain, so this weekend we are playing three games ( Fri, Sat and Sun) then we have training on Monday. I'm sure I'll be dead by Tuesday. Although playing three games we should hopefully win at least one game..... I hope. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Caption Contest

The winners are....

Annie: 1. Stay behind me....... I am so handsome hopefully it will refuse to eat me!

Vellvin: 2.Oh dear! Is that a pimple on my face?!?!

Lady Milisande Awnia Grim: 3. You see I was raised in the circus and that's why all birds love me!

Vellvin: 4. Giddy up pony! Giddy up!

Grace: 5. You know what, I think your perfect.

Vellvin: 6. You Look terrible!

CB: 7. I never knew that frost kills tomato's.

Grace: 8. What are you laughing at???

CB: 9. Don't hurt him, he is my best horse.

CB: 10. Don't be stupid, I saw the answer

Well there are all my winners.
Sorry, but I couldn't the of a reward.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Australia's Got Talent

We have been watching the TV program Australia's got talent. It was the Grand Final last night and the were some stunning performances, but our favorite by far was Justice Crew.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Book Review: Courage To Run, By Wendy Lawton


Courage to run is based on the story of Harriet Tubman.

A little girl called Minty whose parents are in slavery, helps her mother look after the workers baby's. Minty has always had a dream to be free.

When Minty is still young she is hired out to work for Mr and Mrs Cook. Mrs Cook is a very harsh woman and was never good to Minty. Minty ends up getting very ill. Mr and Mrs Cook decided to take Minty back home.

After Minty recovered, Mr Cook came to fetch her to take her back to work for Mrs Cook again. Her stay with the Cooks was worse than before. She shivered in winter and sweats in summer, and Mrs Cook was always handing out unfair punishments.

At Last Minty’s hire finished and her mother and another worker came to pick her up. But she didn't even get to go home. Her mother had come because Minty was to be taken straight to work for someone else.

Minty was to work for Miss Susan who had a little baby and she wanted a house maid to to help with the baby and house work. Minty learnt a lot from Miss Susan's sister Emily who lived with Miss Susan for the time being. Miss Susan was not as harsh as Mrs Cook, although she still gave Minty a whip around the neck at night if the baby had woken her and Minty was still asleep, but Minty learnt to sleep lightly.

One day Miss Susan was having tea with her friends. When Miss Susan's friends were gone she told Minty to take the tea and food down to the kitchen. While Minty was doing this she spotted the sugar cube bowl, she had never tasted sugar before, so she put a cube in the pocket of her apron. Miss Susan was standing inside the door way at the time and saw Minty take the cube. Miss Susan started to shout at her. Half frightened to death Minty ran passed Miss Susan and out the door and ran away.

After a week or two Minty knew she would not be able to survive. So she went to Miss Susan's house. Miss Susan was so angry with Minty that she just simply took her back to her master.

The years went on. Minty's master hardly hired Minty out if at all because he felt sorry for her because of how badly treated she was with the Cook's and Miss Susan.

When Minty was thirteen she was given her adult name "Harriet". Harriet grew to be really strong, she was as strong as any man on the plantation. Harriet's master gave her the job of working with her father (which she was very happy to do).

One day there was a slave running away from an overseer, the slave ran into a shop hoping to hide. But the overseer knew the slave was in there, so he went in after him. Harriet had followed the overseer to see what would happen. When the overseer had the slave cornered he told Harriet to hold the slave so he could tie him up (For he intended to whip the slave). Harriet didn't want to do it. While the overseer was shouting a Harriet to do as he said, the slave bolted out the door and got away. This made the overseer so mad, he picked up one of the heaviest weights in the shop and threw it at her. The weight hit her in the head.

The blow of the weight left a hole in her head. She got very sick.

When Minty finally understood what had happened she realized that she had been sick for months. Harriet had brain damage, this meant that at any time she could have a sleeping fit and and go in to a really deep sleep. She started to regain her strength and remember things.

The book ends there.

Harriet Tubman is known for leading over three hundred people out of slavery through the Underground Railroad.

It's a great book, and I recommend reading it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Caption Contest!!

Since a lot of bloggers I know are doing all these different contest I thought I would do a caption contest. You probably know what to do, you leave a comment make up what you think the people in the pictures are saying or thinking.










I will do a post with the winners next week.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This is some chainmail Grace my brother and I made while ago. We learnt how to make it at a homeschooling medieval day, and one of the activities you could do was to learn how to make chainmail. We only made a tiny bit at first but then we kept on doubling it. As you can see it's lost a few rings here and there, and in area's it's a bit tangled. We have never made any more since though.

Sunshine Award

Thanks Vellvin

1. Post the logo on your blog and/or within the post.

2. Pass it on to 12 other bloggers.
3. Add links to these 12 bloggers within your blog.
4. Let them know they are receiving the award.
5. Share the link of the person from whom you received the award.

I award:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cricket Trial

On Sunday Grace and I are going to a cricket trial in a town over two hours away. The trial is for a regional girls cricket team. I am looking forward to it. I think Grace and I have a even chance on getting through (I hope!!), although I'm trying not to get my expectations up to high.

Wish us luck!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Robin Hood Season 3 Here At Last

Robin Hood season three is here at long last. I have been waiting for what seems like years for it to come out on TV. It is on ABC2 at 7:30 Saturday night.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My New Background

I hope you all like my new background.

I wasn't going to change it but I put the title background on but it just didn't look right with my other background.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Going public

I am thrilled that at last I have made my blog public!!

I hope you all like it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The ipad

Grace and I can't wait until apples new ipad comes out. Hopefully we will be allowed to get one each. They would be so useful since there are so many people in our family wanting to use the computers we have. We have our main computer (which is a mac) and a laptop (which is so slow to start.

Do they look good or what!!

What do you think of them??

I type 28 words a minute

How many words can you type every minute??

You might have seen the ad on the side panel saying that I can type twenty eight words a minute.

Have you tried it??

How many words can you type a minute??

Monday, April 19, 2010

My top 5 movies I really want to see.

There are heaps of movies I want to see. but here's are few of them.

Even though bolt has been out for a little while, we still have not seen it.

I can't wait till the Voyage Of The Dawn Treader comes out.

I love the toy story movies.

Shrek four will be out soon. But I not certain it's going to be as good as the other.

And last but no least Cloudy Meat Balls, I haven't seen or heard much about, though what I have seen and heard looks really good.

Well there's my top five.

Beatiful Blogger Award

Thanks Annie

Since I got this award I must:

* Add a link and a note of thanks to the one who gave you the award

* Pass the award on to 15 others whose blogs you have recently discovered that you really like

* Share 7 things about yourself

1. I love to play cricket

2. I love to play hockey

3. I like athletics

4. I love the beach

5. I like to play guitar

6. I like to play keyboard

7. I like to sing

Now all the bloggers I know have already been awarded with this.

If you haven't been awarded with this yet just leave a comment and let me know. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My new background

I found one that I like.

I hope you like it

My blog background

I hope your not getting sick of my blog background. I have been looking at others that I could change it to, but there are none that I really like.

If you know of a website that have free blog backgrounds please leave a comment. 


Sorry for not posting anything for ages. My family and I went on holidays for a month and we only got back three weeks ago. Then I went on holidays again to my grandparents house and now the easter holidays have only just finished.

So I am still getting used to being home and getting back into things.

I will try to post more often now.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Problem with reading books

I seem to have a massive problem with reading books, I start to read a book and enjoy it but no matter how hard I try I can finish it. I have only ever finished one chapter book in my life.

Elise is always trying to get me to read a book or two, but even if I start reading it I can never finish the book, sometimes I never even reach the half way mark. 

I don't know whether it's because I have other interests, get sick of the book, or something else completely.

If you remember I did a post on the Seven Little Australians and the Phantom Toll Booth, well I did the post while I was reading the books but I didn't finish either one of them.

Hopefully one day I will be able to finish another Book. :)