Monday, August 31, 2009


I play hokey for a winter sport along with my twin sister. We both play on the same team. We play on a girls only team. We play with a public school. The girls on the team are really nice.

I have been captain twice and so has my twin sister. I have only scored one goal in the whole season, though my twin sister has scored three. I play a half and my twin sister either plays a wing or a inner.

I play field hockey. This season is my first hockey season and from what I have heard I am doing pretty well. This week is the semi finals, and if we win we go straight through to the grand final. Our team is second on the ladder. The team we are versing are on top of the ladder.

Hockey, I find, is a very fast game, each half is twenty-five minutes and we get about a four minute brake.

If we make it to the grand final I will let you all know.


The Editrix said...

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Naomi said...

Please help me.