Monday, October 19, 2009

Little house on the prairie

 My family love the TV series made in 1974 called "Little House On The Prairie" It is based on a girl called Laura. we have brought every season up to seven. They are very different to the books but they are such a great family movie.

Most of it is directed by Micheal Landon who plays Pa, Karen Grassle as Ma, Mellissa Sue Anderson as Mary, Melissa Gilbert as Laura, and Sideny Greenbush as Carrie.

We are in the middle of season seven, so far it has all been great.


Grace said...

It's been very good!

Esther said...

I like watching (and reading) Little House on the Prairie also. I've been wanting to watch all of the seasons.
God Bless,

Enbrethiliel said...


I know Michael Landon better as the Angel on Highway to Heaven! =P

I never had a chance to watch Little House on the Prairie, but I do remember a similar TV take on The Swiss Family Robinson. The producers based it on the book, but took some great liberties--such as getting rid of Fritz so that Ernest could be the eldest brother (Oh, why???) and adding a daughter to the Robinson family.

(An example of a really, really good "period series" is Road to Avonlea. Do you know it, Naomi?)

Still, The Swiss Family Robinson was a wholesome, if not very complex family show. The 1970s was a good decade for that. I wish my little brothers could have a show like that for their generation.

Naomi said...

Enbrethiliel: We have the book of Swiss Family Robinson but I never got to reading it.

No I don't know don't know Road to Avonlea.