Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted any thing lately, our family has been away on holidays at our grandparents place.
They have a nice big house on a bay, and live a few minutes from the beach. We did lots of things like fishing, swimming, sailing and other holiday treats like renting movies, having fish and chips, having prawns and going to the beach after dinner.(Since it is was daylight saving).

We all caught a fish each( Well those who went fishing) but only my big brother and I caught a fish that was big enough to eat. I caught a Flathead and my big brother caught a Brim. Although after catching two keepers, we anded up spending $15 on bait.(I wonder if it was worth it.)

The beach was a lot of fun as well, we went swimming, went up to the lookout and looked at rock pools.

All up we had a heap of fun.


Annie said...

Hey Naomi.

Your holidays sounded awesome!!!

Hope you had fun.

Love, Annie.

The Editrix said...

You've been awarded! :)

Annie said...

What is this award thing that you are talking about???