Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Caption Contest!!

Since a lot of bloggers I know are doing all these different contest I thought I would do a caption contest. You probably know what to do, you leave a comment make up what you think the people in the pictures are saying or thinking.










I will do a post with the winners next week.


Lady Milisande Awnia Grim said...

You see me? Im protection. I Have a sword and a Wound! Ooh your scared now Humperdink? You scared?

I think mabye before presenting myself as a gentlemen, I should shave.

You see i was raised in the circus and that is why birds love me!

Squirrel: AAAA!

Umm no thanks i think this is my cousin... Ferdinand

Annie said...

1. Stay behind me........I am so handsom hopefully it will refuse to eat me!

2. I have been staring at this damn wall so long I can feel tears coming to my eyes.

3. What do you think? Should I roast the bird or fry it?

4. This can't be a chipmunk sitting on my head can it? Uh oh, I feel a little dribble working its way down my head!

5. Hi there. You look as though your in need of a friend, I would like to get to know you.

6. The picture wouldn't load properly. Sorry.

7. I can't believe my pet elephant just got squashed into my fridge, I am gonna miss him!

8. You think the chain around my head suits me? Why thankyou. I do agree that the pearl is a nice touch.

9. Sorry I have to sell you Bunny, I just needed the money to buy a stove for Ma. (That quote is off the movie).

10. Oh aren't you just a little darling!

It was great that you decided to do a caption contest Naomi.

When will you announce the winner? Hope it isn't too far away, I am just dying to see who won and the prize they are going to get. =D

Love, Annie.

Ps. Sorry we missed skype on Wednesday.

Naomi said...

Hi Annie

Try clicking on the picture if it won't load.

CB, Tigger and Will Treaty said...

1:It's all right darling he wouldn't get us.

2:Don't leave me, I just met you.

3:Here's your new bird, do you like him.

4:Whats that on my head.

5:That looks so good, can I eat it?

6:It is just blank, I click it still doesn't work.

7:I never knew that frost kills tomatoes.

8:That's nice of you.

9:Don't hurt him, he is my best horse.

10:Don't be stupid, I saw the answer.


Grace said...

1.Don't you dare touch me!

2.I'm leaving tonight. Will you miss me??

3.I guess you don't see someone holding a wild bird very often.

4.Ahhh... helllo, Who are you??

5.You know what, I think your perfect.

6.Ahhh..was that meant to be a joke??

7.Your not as bad a shot as I thought you were.

8.What are you laughing at??

9.I'll never forget about you.

10.Roger is absolutely perfect.

Great fun Naomi!

I really enjoyed doing it.

Vellvin said...

1# Wesley: “What is that?" Buttercup:" I don't know but whatever it is its got germs!"
2# "Oh dear! Is that a pimple on my face?!?!
3# Mary Poppins:" I really wish I could be a bird!"
4#Alvin:" Giddy up pony! Giddy up!
5#"Wow you look really delicious. I wonder what you’d taste like."
6# Mr. Darcy:" You look terrible!"
7# "I remember I always wanted a horse. But then boom! When I get one it falls down dead!
8# "Whey thanks you kind sure for saying I have a good sense of style. But you sir you really need a makeover!
9# Laura:" I'm sorry I'm selling you Bunny. But after all you did always have a funny eye."
10# "Like I would believe you!"