Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some Jokes

This is a funny joke I was told a while ago.

Ok...... Three men were set a challenge to go to the desert for three months. There was a German, an Italian, and an Aussie. However, they were only aloud to take ONE thing with them.

The German said "I'm going to take water, lots and lots of water".
Then the Italian said "I'm going to take ice, lots and lots of ice".
Then they both asked the Aussie what he was going to take. The Aussie said "I'm going to take a car door", "What on earth for??"
asked both the German and Italian, "Why when it gets hot I'll just wind down the window!!!"

HAHAH. Here are a few more.

"Doctor Doctor, everyone says I'm a liar"
"I don't believe it!"

"Doctor Doctor, I feel like there is two of me!"
"One at a time please"

"Doctor Doctor, I think I need glasses"
" You sure do sir, this is a fish and chips shop!"

"Doctor Doctor, everyone keeps ignoring me"
"Next please"

Why do doctors always wear masks for operations??
So that if they make mistake the patient doesn't know who did it.

Why did the doctor creep past the medicine room??
Because he didn't wan to wake the sleeping pills.

Well thats all for now. I hope you liked them.


igirl said...

I like those!

Annie said...


Anonymous said...

Keep up the jokes (they're better than my jokes anyway)

Listen the other day i went to the freezer to get some ice. but i found my puppy joycie in there. so i pulled her out and put her on the bench. Next i rang the vet and he said to put a spoon of peterol in joycie's mouth. as soon as i did that it ran around the room five time and fell over, then i asked the vet, "Is Joycie dead," and he said, "no she has just run out of Fuel."

See what i mean

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Looking forward to your next post.....