Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Grace and I play cricket as a summer sport. We played last year, and our team was hopeless. We only won one game. We have a better team this year though. We play in the u/12s age group.

Each game goes for two weeks, each team gets a 40 over innings. We have twenty over innings each Saturday. Our neighbour plays on our team and his dad coaches the team.

Another rule in the u/12s cricket is you need to retire in the first innings to be able to bat in the second innings.(Unless you don't get a bat in the first innings)  You either have to get 25 runs or bat for 10 overs to retire. I have retired in every game. I have only taken two wickets this season, but I'm not a bad blower.

Australia has good cricket team too, one of the best in  the world. 


Annie said...

Nice post about cricket Naomi.

Naomi said...

Thanks Annie

Annie said...

No problem.

I have put in my blog: A Little Thankyou Note.

Can you and Grace check it out and tell me what you think??