Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Honest Scrap

I've been tagged by Grace, Thanks Grace

The rules are.....

-Thank the person who gave the award to you.

-Post ten honest facts about yourself.

-Pass the award to seven others.

1: I love sport

2: I love to go too the beach

3: I love swimming

4: I like to make things

5: I'm a chatter box

6:I like interesting toys

7:I hate spelling

8: I like to fiddle with gadgets

9:I like music

10: I am adventurous person

There, that's ten honest things about me.

I tagg Elise, but I don't know any more bloggers,
So if you want to be tagged, please leave a comment.


Annie said...

Your honest facts are interesting.

What is the point of being a follower????

Naomi said...

It just means you like the blog and you read it and want to be up to date with what the blogger is posting

Annie said...


By the way I like your hamster!!!!

Don't forget to feed it.

You can change the colour of it.

You can change the colour of the cage and water too.

When you get the hamster just click edit settings and change it to the colour you want.

Annie said...

Don't forget to name the hamster.

From the Shack said...

Hi Naomi,
Thanks for inviting me to share your blog. I have just finished reading all your posts and really enjoyed it.
I don't know if you have discovered this yet but you can hire the Seven Little Australians TV Mini Series on DVD from Civic Video. We have borrowed it many times as it's a real favourite.

Naomi said...

Yes, Elise told us, so we rented it the next week. I loved it. I remeber seeing on tv about five years ago and thats why I wanted to rent it.


Vellvin said...

Dear Naomi,
just to let you know I have put You and Grace on my blog list and I have trouble commenting on yours and Grace's blogs