Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The ipad

Grace and I can't wait until apples new ipad comes out. Hopefully we will be allowed to get one each. They would be so useful since there are so many people in our family wanting to use the computers we have. We have our main computer (which is a mac) and a laptop (which is so slow to start.

Do they look good or what!!

What do you think of them??


Annie said...

So is it just a big screen sorta thing that you put on your lap and use?

They look soooooo cool. How much are they? Have you saved up enough yet?

Love, Annie.

Naomi said...

We don't know how much they are yet. Our guess is around 700$. There 500$ in the USA.

They are like a big ipod touch.

Annie said...

Hey Naomi.

Are you sure they are only $700? That sounds too cheap!

Otherwise they are a pretty awesome machine! Go for it!

Naomi said...

Guess What

The date and price was announced yesterday and the ipad is only going to $629 and they are going to be for sale on 23rd


oceanheartcp said...


I don't know whether being public is a good thing. You will get more comments and more votes though. =D

I still love your blog though.

Love, Annie.

CB, Tigger and Will Treaty said...

I saw it on TV and they look so cool, what you said is pretty cheap.

Naomi said...

I know hey.