Sunday, May 16, 2010

Robin Hood Season 3 Here At Last

Robin Hood season three is here at long last. I have been waiting for what seems like years for it to come out on TV. It is on ABC2 at 7:30 Saturday night.


oceanheartcp said...

Oh wow!

I so wish I could see it! We don't have commercial though! =(

Is Maid Marian in it this time?

I will try and do a post soon.

By the way we will skype if you want tomorrow. Can you tell me how to get a photo when we skype?

Love, Annie.

CB, Tigger and Will Treaty said...

Hi Naomi,
My family and I have watched all of the Robin Hood series, and have been watching this one. It seemed like a long time waiting for it too.

Naomi said...

Hi Annie

No Maid Marian was killed in the last Season.

Ok we will skype tomorrow.

Naomi said...


I'm glad you have been able to catch all the seasons.
Since it does not follow the story at all it would be hard for people to catch on from the third season.


Annie said...

What!!!!!!!!! You have to be kidding!

How did she get killed?

Who is that lady in the picture then?

Wasn't Robin supposed to marry Maid Marian?


Naomi said...

Sir Guy killed her when she said she was going to marry Robin.

The lady in the picture is called Kate she new to Robin Hood.

Yes Robin was supposed to marry Marian but the seasons do not follow the story at all.

CB, Tigger and Will Treaty said...

Hi Naomi,
Your right it doesn't even follow the books.