Sunday, July 12, 2009

BBC Robin Hood

I am a big fan of the BBC Robin Hood. I have seen season one and two and I am desperate to see season three. My big sister said that the BBC have finished showing season three in the UK, but we don't know when it will be in Australia

But in the end of season two, Sir Guy of Gisborne kills maid Marian. I think she was killed because the actor was leaving the series. Jonas Armstrong plays Robin hood and Lucy Griffiths plays maid Marian. The series is not very close to the tale of Robin Hood. Like in the third series, my big sister said that Sir Guys sister comes to Nottingham and they finally bring Friar Tuck in to the series. And there is also going to be a new girl called Kate. So it isn't that close to the tale really. But I still really like it. 


Jim said...

Your big sister is very knowledgable, and very clever, like her Daddy

Naomi said...

I guess

Enbrethiliel said...


Oh, no! =( I didn't know that she died at the end of Season 2. What a disappointing departure from canon!

It will be interesting to see what backstory they will have for the new character Kate. Will you be 'blogging more about this show, Naomi?

Naomi said...

I agree

And yes I will be posting more on the show.
More when season 3 comes to Australia.
Or if any news of it comes.