Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Seven Little Australians

Lately I have been reading Ethel Turner's Seven little Australians. I was quite suprised by how much I liked it. But I just can't like the fact on how cruel their father Captain Woolcot is to his children and that Judy dies (sigh). I have not quite finished the book, but I only have a few chapters to go.

Now that I'm reading the book I am desperate to get the "Seven little Australians TV series" but I just can't seem to find anywhere that sells it or has it to rent. I would also like to read the sequels so I will have to borrow them from someone.

My big sister Elise runs a book club and they were reading the book and I ask Elise if I could read the book, she said that I could and I have not given it back since.


Jim said...

That's a lovely book Naomi - I hope you get it some time

Naomi said...

Why thankyou Daddy

Grace said...

Good Job!
I think you are doing a great job on
this new blog of yours.


Naomi said...

Thanks grace

Robert said...

Dear Naomi love

There's too many Australians in this country. You and your seven siblings should write a story about yourselves.

Grandfather - the Old Australian

Naomi said...

I agree

Thanks Grandfather

Deb said...

Hi Naomi. :-]
This is Annie.
I have read Seven Little Australians.It is so good.

Naomi said...

I really like it too.

Annie said...
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Annie said...

Hi Naomi.
Have you read the next book?????

Naomi said...