Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A bit about me

Well I am the sort of person who likes pretty much everything. Sometimes I like to dare myself to do crazy things and somtimes I don't feel like doing anything. Somtimes I might be having a great time playing with my twin sister Grace and then the next minute I might be so angry with her (for some reason) that I don't want to even talk to her.  


Naomi said...

This is Josiah. Well I'am a bit the same with "The sven small people".
And with the bit about you I couldn't agree more, with that temper of yours, when your in a bad mood you'd be better off to be in compleat different place. But that (for some reason) seems a bit out of place if you ask me.

Grace said...

It is seven no sven

The Editrix said...

Jose - whaatt?? *tries to make sense of what he is saying, but fails*

Love your blog, Naomi! You're doing a great job. :-)


Naomi said...

I agree with you Elise