Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Home schooling

I quite like being homeschooled. Although you do have your advantages and your disadvantages, such as you don't have as many friends when your home schooled as when you go to school, or you often don't meet as many people around your age as you would when you go to school.

But there lots of advantages too; first you don't need to go to school and  you get more time with your Mum or Dad (who ever teaches you at home) or like how we do it at home, you have a certain amount of work to do, and when you have done it all you get the rest of the day off.

With homeschooling we also do a lot of history learning. My favourite subject would be Maths or history. I hate Spelling and English. We also have a stack of books to do with learning.

Another good thing about homeschooling is that there is no homework.

Everyone has there own school books ,and we all sit in and listen to the history lesson. Another good thing about homeschooling is that if we want to go and visit our grandparents or go wherever, we don't need to worry about school, we just have the day off.

I also really like having all my brothers and sisters all togther in the same room instead of them all in different class rooms.

Also, being homeschooled you get ask a lot of questions like "Do you get too eat when ever you want too"? Or "Can you do your school work in your PJs"? But really I don't see much difference between kids who go to school and kids that are homeschooled.

Really I think that the only difference is that we just do our school work at home.

If you have any questions just leave a comment. 



Esther said...

I've gone to a public school all my life and am going to be homeschooled this year for the first time. What curriculum do you use?

Naomi said...

We don't use a set curriculum, our mum buys books from quite a few different places.

I hope you'll enjoy being homeschooled.

Deb said...

Hey Naomi.
This is Annie.
I love homeschooling!!!!
You are doing great on your blog!!!
:-) :-)

Naomi said...

Thanks Annie!!!

Grace said...

I would like to have a day or two going
to school but I think if I started school it mite be
alright for a little bit but then I want to come back
and do school work at home!!!!!

Naomi said...


I have always wanted to go to school for a day or two, just to see what it's like.

Enbrethiliel said...


I'm too old to be homeschooled myself, but I think I shall homeschool my own children. There will be more time for the Great Books, for one thing.

Naomi, do you also have classes like ballet or horseback riding which you have with other teachers?

Naomi said...

No we don't really, Grace and I have play hockey and cricket, and we play guitar, but one of our church friends teach us. So apart from that that's all really.

I would love to homeschool my children too. My Mum was a teacher, so I guess she's had some experience.