Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our New Roof

Two or three weeks ago we were having a new roof put on our house. The roof was only finished a few days ago because we had some rain which delayed it a bit.

It was rather noisy when the work men were here, they'd come at 7:30 am and leave at 4:00 pm. So the noisy was on and off all day really, apart from when they had lunch and morning tea. But in ways it was kind of fun seeing the workmen work and seeing how they did things. At one stage we thought that they might fall though the ceiling. Most of the time my little brother and I would sneak down stairs and watch the workmen when we were meant to be doing schoolwork (shhhh).

The workmen would drop nails and screws while they were working, and every afternoon when the workmen had left my little brother would race out the front and pick up as many nails or screws as he could find. Then he would and hide them because our Mum said that we would get 20c for every nail or screw we found.

So it has been quite busy these last few weeks. It was also hard to go out during the day because the workmen either had stuff on the driveway, or you see when the workmen came they closed of the front yard so we had to ask the workmen to open the orange netting so we could go to the shops or go wherever we needed to go.

Now I'm glad it's all over because now we can sleep in "YAY!"

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